It is spring cleaning time and Blackhawk Hardware has all the cleaning solutions you’ll need. Our cleaning department will make it at lot easier for you to make your home sparkly clean. We carry all the common cleaning products and gadgets you have come to love and then some. Take a look at just one of our cleaning aisles:Everything you need for a thorough spring cleaning at Blackhawk Hardware


In addition to the classics, we carry specialty cleaning products to clean all surfaces of your home with the care they deserve. No need to take chances, pick up specialty cleaning solutions for leather, different types of wood, metal and stone. Here’s a great example of our Italian stone cleaners and shiners that help protect your investment and is excellent for granite, marble, and engineered stone surfaces. Not sure about you but after splurging on gorgeous marble counters I’m going to want to make sure they continue to look amazing and only use cleaning products specifically formulated to protect their natural beauty. Safe to say that Italian marble would appreciate Italian cleaning products.

What do you use to clean marble, granite and engineered stone surfaces?


Have kids or like me, a husband that leaves all pens open? You’ll appreciate Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off products. Lift Off cleaners safely remove stains, tape, gum, wax, nail polish, ink and then some. These guys are your magic weapon trifecta to attack any kind of staining disaster you may encounter on carpets, laundry, hard surfaces, etc. What I love about these is that they are biodegradable and water-based or at least low to no VOC containing. So next time your daughter gets into your nail polish, don’t threaten to ship her off to boarding school, just clean up the mess with Lift Off. Yay, sanity saved!

Lift off cleaners safely remove stains, tape and ink


Continuing on the green trend to help you clean your home without worrying about potentially harmful chemicals, let’s look at some of the greener products we carry. From multi-purpose cleaners to toilet bowl cleaners to laundry soap, we’ve got you covered!

A great place to find green cleaning products in Charlotte: Blackhawk Hardware!