It’s been a tough year, but they have been by your side through it all—your constant companions as you’ve spent months on end in quarantine and working from home. A cherished member of your family, your pet deserves as much adulation from you as he has given you. There’s no better way to show your love than with something yum or fun just for them!

Luckily, we recently completed an expansion of our pet section, offering a wider selection of dog and cat treats, toys, and accessories your furry friends will surely love. As part of the overall store expansion, we have increased our pet treat and toy aisles from 8 feet to 48 feet each, including a section for refrigerated treats from Taste of the Wild®, Primal®, and Tucker’s. We have gone from one brand of food to eight. For feline lovers, there’s now an entire aisle devoted just to cats, featuring food from Stella & Chewy’s® and Ziwi® Peak and lots of catnip-scented toys.

In addition, Blackhawk now offers a DIY dog washing service through our newly installed iClean Dog Wash station—the first of its kind in all of North Carolina. Starting at $10, dogs can receive a 10-minute bath—including shampoo, conditioner, flea treatment, and a blow-out—from their trusted owners. Audio instructions are given in 27 languages or 50 celebrity voiceovers. All bath products are biodegradable and safe for pets and the environment.

With so many new pet toys and accessories to choose from, here are a few recommendations from our team:

Wooden Designer Dog Bowl by Tall Tails®. Stainless steel dog bowl fitted into an elegantly rustic mango wood riser, making feeding time more comfortable for your dog. Crafted with a non-skid bottom that ensures the bowl stays in place for even the most excited eaters. The bowls are available in three sizes (one-cup, three-cups, and six-cups) to match your pup’s hunger level.

Tall Tails® Pet Blanket. Easier to wash than a bed, Tall Tails Pet Blankets are pretty straightforward to clean. Your dog will love the sense of security this blanket provides.

Mad Cat® Cat Toys by R2P Pets. Mad Cat fun plush cat toys are filled with a powerful combo of premium catnip and silvervine that’s pure and pesticide-free, guaranteeing hours of fun for your kitty.

Orange Fish Cave by Karma Cat®. For the cat who believes that they are what they eat, Karma Cat offers a fish-shaped hideaway. The fish cave is roomy enough for your cat to stretch out and lounge about all day. Caves also provide a safe, warm haven, helping your cat feel secure.

We invite shoppers to bring their dogs with them to help pick out their favorite toys and treats. Cats are also welcome, though we’re pretty certain they would prefer to stay at home and leave the shopping to others.