Our Charlotte, NC gardens awaken this month! Daffodils and crocuses are peeking through the cold soil and more and more mild days are putting a swing in our steps. While things are still slow in the yard, don’t neglect your house plants! Transplant plants that have outgrown their current containers into beautiful new pots from our garden center!

Start Indoor Seeding

While the possibility of frost and freezing temperatures is still an issue in our area this month, get ready to start your seedlings indoors. Sow cool season spring vegetables, herbs as well as summer annuals now so that they are mature enough for transplanting into your garden later in the season when the soil has warmed up.

Sow Early Cold Season Vegetables

As soon as the ground can be worked, you can directly seed early spring vegetables outside. Good candidates include spinach, turnips, mustard, peas and radishes.

Turnips can be planted in late winter / early spring!


Be careful what you prune now! Wait to prune spring blooming bushes until after they’ve bloomed. There’s nothing worse than to spend hours pruning your azalea bushes now only to realize you’ve removed all of their buds! Do prune summer bloomers like Rose of Sharon and Crepe Myrtles that bloom on the current year’s growth.

Cut back your ornamental grasses to about 1/3 of their height. Bundling them together makes this an easier task. Feel free to use your power tools for the larger varieties!

Snip off spent blossoms of pansies in your containers.

Check for dead or broken branches and remove them from your trees and shrubs.