Blackhawk’s Bath Shop – Create Your Oasis

Bath time should be “pamper yourself” time. We have a variety of accoutrements to make your bathroom your sanctuary. We offer specialty soaps, from locally produced to European imports. Also, choose from a myriad of lovely shower curtains, conveniently hanging on display for easy viewing.

Lamps, hand towels, decorative disposable hand towels and shower caddies are just a hint of what you’ll find in our Bath Shop.
Our Bath Shop is chock full of unique soap dispensers, guest towels, fancy tissue (who wants plain old white Kleenex when you can have leopard print or sea shells?).  You’ll see matching waste basket and tissue box holders, unique body scrubbers and loofahs.
Take your time and browse – we have items you won’t see anywhere else.  If you’re in the market for a toilet cleaning brush with a giraffe head, you’re in luck!

As you go through the Bath Shop, be sure to look at our larger than life shower curtain display.  Give your bathroom a designer look with our premium shower curtains.