If you’re constantly looking to find fun things to do for your youngsters, check out our Yard Game aisles! We’ve got everything you need for hours of entertainment without the guilt that sometimes comes with screen time but instead with the joys of fresh air and active time. So get outside and play! Be a ninja as soon as you step outside of your house!

Train your agility, balance and other ninja skills with the products from b4Adventure. How much fun is their Ninja Line?! Kids love a healthy challenge and will race to compete with their siblings and friends. Who is the fastest to get to the other side?

Blackhawk Hardware carries a few Ninja Line Kits based on different skill levels that have everything you’ll need to get your Ninja course set up:  a super-strength ninja line with ratchets, various ninja obstacles, and a handy storage bag to take the fun on the road for camping or trips to the park.

The Ninja Line Kit contains everything you need to train like a Ninja! Available at Blackhawk Hardware.
Additional obstacle accessories are available and provide you with ever-changing ninja fun options! Some of our favorites are the Ninja Rope and the Ninja Net to test your climbing skills. Both easily attach to the Ninja Line.

Ninja Net attaches to your Ninja Line to add an extra climbing challenge to your outdoor play area!

And after being hard at play on your ninja equipment, hang out and relax in the Sky Dreamcatcher swing!

Relax in this awesome backyard swing!

If swinging is too tame, install one of b4Adventure’s zip lines between two trees! They’re not hard to install and are incredibly fun to use for any age 8 and older:Have your own backyard zipline with this all in one kit!


We’re excited to bring these fun backyard adventures to Charlotte! Enjoy watching your little ninjas conquer the obstacles and grow confident in their own abilities.


Images courtesy of b4Adventure.