Fountains are beautiful additions to any landscaping design, bringing water, the element of life, to your yards. With so many fountain choices at Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center, you’ll be sure to find just the one that suits your design style. We carry traditional, contemporary, whimsical, nature-inspired, and more styles of garden fountains.

Water fountains come in various styles so you can take home the perfect one for your yard!

Whether you’re prominently placing your fountain in your front yard to add oomph to your curb appeal or creating a private back yard oasis, a water fountain will most definitely step up your yard’s game.

Listening to the peaceful and cheerful sounds of a water fountain will help you relax and destress. During our hot Carolina summer months, you’ll enjoy the cooling effect of the water elements in your garden. What’s more, birds and bees are going to appreciate having a source of hydration.

Water fountains add tranquility to your garden.

Tips for Choosing and Operating a Water Fountain

Our Garden Center’s very own Emily Galloway has these great tips to help you enjoy your water fountain to the max:

  • All of the fountains at Blackhawk use recirculation pumps. You’ll need a power supply, but all of the water is recycled through (like a fish tank)
  • When shopping, be mindful of how much of the water splashes out of the fountain. That’s how much water will need to be regularly refilled.
  • Placing a fountain in a shaded spot will help slow down algae growth and evaporation.
  • Our fountains are beautiful and safe when properly installed. Some designs are safer than others, if children or pets are likely to be running around.
  • If there are a lot of leaves to be raked in the fall, there will be a lot of leaves in your fountain. This might cause the pump to get clogged up, and will require frequent cleaning.
  • There is no fountain delivery available through Blackhawk. We recommend working with a landscaper to have large fountains delivered and safely installed.