Many folks come to Blackhawk Hardware hoping to fix some issues before putting their house on the market. Obviously you want your home to look its best before listing it for sale but what projects have the biggest impact? For this feature I chatted with Charlotte realtor Sara McKinney from Gingerstate Realty Group / Keller William who gave me the following advice:

Replace Brass Hardware

Nothing makes your house look more dated than good old 1980s and 1990s brass fixtures and hardware. Well maybe a dusty collection of VHS tapes would. I suggest boxing that up and getting it out of your life! It seams like every house built in the 80s came with brass fixtures and so they become a great reminder that the house you are in is not new. At the same time it’s not old enough to be a cool mid-century or really old house. 80s and 90s houses are just dated. A quick and inexpensive fix for that is to replace all that brass with a more modern finish of your choice, satin nickel, bronze or stainless steel. We are sure you’ll find a set of modern door hardware at Blackhawk Hardware.

Treat Your Walls to A Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh paint does two things:
1.    It gives your walls an updated, clean look
2.    Your house will smell like new paint, not like old house!

If you’ve been in your home for a while, chances are your walls may look a bit dull or have scuff marks on them. Maybe you even painted that red accent wall that you’ve loved dearly but that’s very daring. Remember, if your house appeals to the masses, you have a massive potential pool of potential buyers for your house. Neutral colors don’t have to be bland and generally do a great job highlighting your house and not your personal taste. What’s more, paint all rooms on each floor the same color to improve flow and make your house appear bigger. Stop by Blackhawk Hardware’s paint department and pick up a sample! PS: Don’t forget the trim!

Some colors we love for selling a house:
Benjamin Moore Halo

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

Create A Welcoming Entry

First impressions are everything and to make potential buyers feel right at home. Spruce up your entry way with a fresh doormat and a pair of beautiful planters to create that pulled-together, welcoming look. We know moving and selling a house can be stressful and potting plants is probably the last thing on your mind. Luckily our Garden Center team is extremely skilled at picking plants with you and planting them directly in one of our beautiful planters.
Pretty planters for your entry