Whether you are looking for that perfect white interior paint color for your walls or trim, Benjamin Moore has the answer. But the endless number of white hues can truly be overwhelming so today we are showcasing three great white paint colors that will surely be the answer to your call.

White is a timeless, classy color that creates bright spaces. You’re going for white because you love clean and elegant. My guess is you’ll probably want to avoid that surgical suite feeling though (unless of course you are painting a doctor’s office of course :)). So to find the perfect white shade for your space, ask yourself if you are looking for a warm white, a cool white or, the best of both worlds, a neutral shade of white.

White Heron by Benjamin Moore. The perfect whites for trims and walls.

For example, in this bathroom above we chose a cool white for the trim to work with the blues on the wall. Other factors you will want to take into consideration is what kind of light your room receives from artificial and natural light sources. Also think about the overall feel of your home. Modern screams cool or natural, while the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cozy spaces is of course warm. Consider your finishes and materials. Are your tiles cool gray? Probably best to stick with a cool white. Likewise, terra-cotta would look best when paired with a warm paint color.

Simply White is one of our favorite Benjamin Moore white paint colors

The Best Warm White Paint Color: Simply White

Simply White was Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2016 and for good reason. This beautiful, warm white paint color makes your room glow as if it was drenched in sunshine. No wonder, this white has just a few yellow undertones to create a soft and friendly atmosphere. Give it a go!

Chantilly Lace is one of our favorite Benjamin Moore white paint colors

The Best Neutral White Paint Color: Chantilly Lace

Pure, bright white like a fresh dusting of snow. That’s Chantilly Lace. This wainscotting painted in white reminds me of fresh linen. What a bright welcome for any entry way! We hear Chantilly Lace is a go to color for interior designers and we can certainly see why.


Mirage White is one of our favorite Benjamin Moore white paint colors

The Best Cool White Paint Color: Mirage White

Oh so crisp whites! Cool whites have slight blue or gray undertones to really create that bright, fresh room you’ve been dreaming of. Cool whites are ideal for rooms decorated in contemporary style with metal, stone or concrete elements. Our pick for cool white paint color: Benjamin Moore’s Mirage White.

The Best Warm, Neutral, and Cool White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore