Here at Blackhawk Hardware we love nifty hacks that make life easier. We also love anything local to our beautiful Queen City, Charlotte. So it should come as no surprise that we are madly in love with the Hangeroo, a clever picture hanging gadget made right here in Charlotte, NC. In fact, on our quest to bring you cutting-edge innovations, we were the first Hangeroo dealer worldwide.

Most of us have struggled trying to hang one of those picture frames or canvasses that is hung with wire. There’s always some guesswork involved in trying to locate the wire and finagling it onto that tiny hook in the wall that’s mostly covered by the artwork. The Hangeroo helps with just that. In a nutshell, after choosing the appropriately-sized guide, you place it on top of the hanging hook. Now the artwork will easily slide down that guide to its proper place on the hook. Hangeroo’s website has the full instructions and this video explains it all:

As you can see, this small product can have a big impact on your frustration level when hanging a wired picture frame. Hangeroo brings it from opening-a-blister-pack-frustration-level to getting-to-leave-work-early-frustion-level. On top of manufacturing a truly solid product, the maker of Hangeroo, Charlotte-based Helping Hands Innovations, LLC, believes in sustainability and social responsibility:

  • Hangeroo is durable, reusable & renewable
  • Hangeroo is assembled in Charlotte, NC by InReach, a non-profit that provides support to people with intellectual & developmental disabilities, like autism and Down syndrome
  • A donation is made to InReach with every purchase

Keep a Hangeroo handy for your next move, walls repainting, artwork rotation, or any other time you need to hang artwork or mirrors that have a wire on their back!

Easily hang wired artwork or mirrors with Hangeroo. No more fumbling to place the wire on a hook while holding the frame with one hand. Genius!