Succulents add beautiful texture and dimension to any garden. Thanks to their fleshy stems or leaves in which they store water they are perfect for surviving a scorching hot southern summer. Mind you, they, too, would appreciate an occasional watering if rain has been amiss for a while.

Super versatile as they are, you can use succulents as ground covers or ornamental plants that stand out within their surroundings. Some grow tall, some grow in clusters, some form a single, sometimes large, rosette. They look stunning in planters as well as directly in garden beds and borders. I especially love combining them with pebbles and they are darling in miniature and fairy gardens.

Planting and caring for succulents in North Carolina

When planting succulents be it in containers or in the ground, one thing is essential: well draining soil. Use special succulents or cacti potting soil to give them the ground conditions they love. Almost all succulents love a large amount of direct sun although there are a few select varieties that prefer a bit of shade and tend to burn with too much direct sun exposure. These types of succulents typically also do well indoors where less light is available. Some of these shade loving succulents include: Fox Tail Agave, Squid Agave, Haworthia, Snake Plant, Soap Aloe, and Aeonium Kiwi.

Excessive amounts of water are the biggest enemies of succulents causing them to rot. So do ensure you plant them in well-draining soil. If your succulents are in containers, you may even want to consider moving them under a protective roof if a tropical storm is in the forecast. Overall, succulents are some of the most easy to care for plants and a wonderful addition to any garden! The staff at Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center will gladly help you pick the best varieties for your garden’s conditions and we even offer potting services to create a stunning container display for you!

Succulent garden