Friends, we’re so grateful that we’ve been a part of Park Road Shopping Center since 1979! It is arguably the most fun shopping center in Charlotte and it’s easy to see why. From great local and national retailers to mouth-watering restaurants you can spend a lovely time at Park Road Shopping Center. Come for breakfast, stay for lunch and enjoy desert before you head home. Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a whole day at Park Road Shopping Center.

Whenever family from out of town visits us they want to go check out what’s new at Blackhawk Hardware so of course we indulge them. We like to combine that trip to “The Hawk” with some of the other fun things to do at Park Road Shopping Center.


Come look at the countless useful items at Blackhawk Hardware

You can’t shop well on an empty stomach so grab something tasty to eat from one of our favorite breakfast joints in town! Make sure you try the Creamy Dreamy Grits at The Flying Biscuit Cafe. Yum!

Well-nourished, you should now have the energy to browse through our giant assortment of hardware, housework, gifts, lawn and garden items and then some. Refuel with a locally roasted coffee from DUNX right inside of our store!

Do you have kids? Take them to pick out a few new outfits at Kid-to-Kid consignment store. Then because you scored such bargains, get a new piece of clothing or two for yourself from J.Crew Mercantile or one of the many locally owned boutiques lining our shopping center! Amazing treasures are just waiting to be found.

Don’t forget to stop by Park Road Books, a local book store that’s been in business since 1977. You never know which author you may meet there!

Picking a lunch spot can be torturous at Park Road Shopping Center. The selection is huge! Don’t feel like queuing up for a burger from Shake Shack? Have a hot dog and a scrumptious milk shake at Park Road Soda Shoppe! For a healthy lunch, look no further than Chopt, which serves up huge salad bowls with fabulous toppings.


Blackhawk Hardware's Garden Center has the best plant selection in Charlotte.

After lunch, we enjoy wandering over to the Backlot. Walk through our lusciously green Garden Center, stay for a while and then head to the shopping center’s Backlot where you can find many a gem.

Don't forget to check out the back lot of Park Road Shopping Center

Perhaps you’re in the mood for some antiquing – Classic Attic always has a marvelous selection! Pamper yourself with a salon treatment at Dolce Lusso. Got kids? Get them a fresh, stylish hair cut at Snip-Its, a specialty hairdresser just for the little ones.

Are you ready to learn something new or pick-up a new, crafty hobby? Of course Michael’s will have just what you’ll need. We can always spend lots of time picking up something to inspire our creativity.

It’ll be mid afternoon by now. I’ll need a sugar boost. This is a tough decision! Should we go for French treats at beautiful Amélie’s in the Backlot? Perhaps grab a cookie from Suárez Bakery? Well, it’s hot these days so we decided on some outstanding sorbet and gelato from Va da Vie. It’s neat to check out their little gelateria in the middle of the parking lot.

Sorbet from Va da Vie at Park Road Shopping Center

It might be time to work off some of those calories now. Thankfully King Tiger Tae Kwon Do is conveniently located at Park Road Shopping Center as well! You can also get your heart pumping at SWEAT Cycle Studio. Prefer something tamer? Try a yoga class at Corepower Yoga!


Again, it’ll be tough to make a dinner choice as there are a over a dozen restaurants at Park Road Shopping Center. You may want to have dinner at our old time favorite, Sir Edmund Halley’s, or try one of the fabulous newer places like Burtons or the Flour Shop just to name a few. There are plenty of cuisines to choose from like Asian at CO, Southern at Midwood Smoke House, Mexican at Cantina 1511, just to name a few.

Don’t let the night end there though! Cheers to a fun day at Park Road Shopping Center with one of the creative cocktails from prohibition sale bar … (dot dot dot) in the Backlot.

Need any staples before heading home? Harris Teeter and Rite Aid are at your service!

We hope you enjoy your day at Park Road Shopping Center! The shopping center continues to evolve and add new venders. We’re thrilled to welcome AMC theater and CAVA Mediterranean eatery soon.

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