Not only is ham is always a favorite dinner hit in our family but it is an absolute must have for Easter! We love smoking our holiday ham on the Big Green Egg – it adds a delicious flavor and frees up space in the oven for sides and deserts. Using a spiral sliced, cooked ham is extremely convenient and it usually easy to find at the supermarket. For this ham we followed the directions from the Girls Can Grill website.

We used a 10lbs spiral cut ham for this meal. The package came with a pre-packaged glaze (full with high fructose cornsyrup and other hard to pronounce ingredients). Alas, we opted to make our own glaze for the ham.

First though, light your Big Green Egg and get the temperature to 250F. Add some wood chips (the original recipe calls for peach wood) to the coal. Set the Egg up for indirect heat with the plate setter’s legs pointing up. Place a drip pan on the plate setter and pour a bottle of cider or fruity beer into it. Finally, put your grid into the Big Green Egg.

Unwrap your ham and rub 0.5cups of dijon mustard all over it. Next, coat the mustard ham with BBQ rub! Check our grilling spices aisle for a few of our favorites! For our size ham we used about 4TBS BBQ rub.

Ham coated with mustard and BBQ rub

Once the ham is nicely coated with mustard and BBQ rub, place it on the grid of your Big Green Egg. We like using grilling gloves for that transport.

A delicious ham smoked on the Big Green Egg

Grill your ham for 20-30 minutes per pound. Use a spray bottle to spritz the ham with water once every hour.

Before the final 30 minutes of smoking, spread the glaze on the ham. Here is how to make ham glaze: In a bowl mix 0.5cups of orange preserve with 0.25cup dijon mustard. Now, the original recipe also adds 2TBS of soy sauce. If you prefer a little less sodium, just skip the soy sauce. Use a brush to apply the glaze generously all over the ham.

Glazed, smoked ham on the Big Green Egg

Close the lid for the final 30 minutes and then enjoy that delicious, smoked ham from your Big Green Egg! We made roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes to go along ours. Yummy!

A delicious ham grilled on the Big Green Egg