“It’s Blackhawk Hardware’s batty pumpkin contest and we goblins need your help so grab our bloody finger and hauntedly cast your vote!”

It’s time to vote! A fierce Pumpkin Design War broke out between our departments and we need all customers big and small to cast their vote on the pumpkin they like best!

Our teams had two weeks to come up with a concept and execute it to the best of our abilities. Each team had to use at least 5 items from their department to make it their very own.

Come in before Halloween, vote for your favorite pumpkin on our tombstone ballot and slide it into the Panthers blue pumpkin! Emmet the headless butler will gladly assist you. The winning team will be announced the first week of November and the leading department will win a surprise from our management.

We all had so much fun and it was insanely cut throat! Supplies were being mysteriously taken and all were so secretive!!