If you’re reading this article you’re probably madly in love with your furry companions but find their shedding rather annoying. “I love Fluffy so much but man his fur is everywhere on our couch!” I’m sure you’ve heard or said something similar before. Worry not, there is an easy solution to pets shedding: The Furminator!

The Furminator helps reduce loose pet hair around your home

This week we put the Furminator deshedding tool to the test on our very own dogs. Meet Angel and Ranger (sometimes referred to as “Rangel”). You may have met them at Blackhawk Hardware before as they like accompany their human to work.

Meet Angel! She's the most amazing dog and the Furminator has really helped with shedding.

“Hello my name is Angel and I’m shy. Let me introduce you to my son:”

Ranger is the best dog and we love that there is less of his fur in our home thanks to the Furminator.

“Hello my name is Ranger and I’m not shy! I enjoy escaping and being brushed.”

Their fur is EVERYWHERE! Let’s just say we are thankful for the person that invented the vacuum cleaner! But alas, we found this nifty gadget and it has been a game changer in keeping their fur under control. In fact, on regularly groomed dogs, Furminator can reduce the amount of loose hair from shedding by up to 90%. Yeah baby!

Angel and Ranger were our guinea pigs and we brushed them with the Furminator for just five minutes. They loved the attention and brushing strokes! Here’s the result. A huge pile of fur that would normally wind up on our floors, sofas, clothes, car seats… Ugh, just thinking about it makes me itchy. Hoorah Furminator! We are sold and will incorporate it into our care routine.

So if you have pets, do yourself a favor and bring home a Furminator from Blackhawk Hardware. What a difference!

The Furminator can reduce loose hair from shedding by up to 90%. We believe it!! This is after 5 minutes of brushing.