Summer gardening season is here and with it tons of new, ever changing arrivals at our Garden Center! Come in for the freshest selection in town!

I know it’s sad but by now most pansies and violas look droopy and are way past their prime. Replace pansies and other early spring blooming annuals with new heat-resisting plants. Getting summer bloomers into the ground now gives them a chance to establish their root system before the brunt of our Charlotte heat sets in. Lantanas, zinnias, marigolds, and black eyed susans are just some of the beautiful summer bloomers that do really well here in the Carolinas!

Speaking of spent blossoms, once your rhododendron and azaleas have bloomed you may want to treat them with a special fertilizer. They will appreciate the boost now to produce lots of buds for next year later. Now you’ve got the all clear for pruning these spring bloomers, too.

Ground temperatures have risen nicely so it is time to sow summer vegetables and flowers in your garden. Remember to select companion plants to help your plants be the best they can be! This month plant warm season vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, okra, squash and beans. Don’t forget to pick up your plants and seeds from Blackhawk Hardware!

Don’t forget to water and mulch!

Shop for seeds for your warm season flowers and vegetables at Blackhawk Hardware!

Continue to harvest your winter and spring vegetables and herbs. Soon the Charlotte heat will encourage many lettuce varieties to bloom. Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty awesome but it turns the tasty greens into bitter leaves. Yuk. Eat them now while they’re tasty!