Firefighters are the best! But nobody wants to give them a reason to show up at their house (on a duty call that is). Sadly though, in 2017, 83 people lost their lives in residential fires in North Carolina. To keep that from happening to you, let’s review some basic home fire safety while the year is fresh!

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can save lives and property

Fire extinguishers can save lives and property when small fires are immediately tended to. Ask yourself right now:

Do you know where your fire extinguishers are?

Is anything blocking access to the extinguishers?

Are the extinguishers in top shape and ready to use?

Check the extinguisher’s gauge! If the indicator is in the green area, the extinguisher has the proper amount of pressure needed. If the indicator is not in the green area – replace or service your fire extinguisher as it may not have safe levels of pressurization needed.

Check your fire extinguisher's gauge for proper pressurization.

Do you know how to use your fire extinguishers?

Most people probably feel a little insecure about using traditional fire extinguishers. This video from the Asheville Fire Department explains how to use a fire extinguisher and watching it is 7 minutes well spent. You never know when and where you may have to use an extinguisher!

Alternatively to the traditional fire extinguishers with a lever, Blackhawk Hardware carries aerosol spray can fire extinguishers. Customers often find these less intimidating and they are fast and easy to use. A great complement to a traditional, larger fire extinguisher. These small extinguishers make great house warming gifts, too!

Aerosol fire extinguishers can be a great supplement to traditional ones.

Smoke Detectors

Fire extinguishers are great when you are right there when a fire starts. But often a fire starts while you are not in the room or are sleeping. Properly functioning smoke alarms will alert you when fire strikes and fatalities are 50% lower in homes with working smoke alarms compared to fires in residences without working alarms.

The Charlotte Fire Department has a great page about placing and maintaining smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Blackhawk Hardware carries various smoke and CO detectors that fit the needs for any residence. If you don’t have a smoke detector in all your bed rooms, stop by our store today and pick one up.

Keep your family save with properly functioning smoke alarms!

Fire Escape Ladders

Imagine, you’re woken up by the chirps of your smoke alarm. You’ll want to run out of your bedroom door, downstairs and out of your house. But what if that path is blocked by flames and / or toxic smoke? Out the window we will go! Luckily, if you have a fire escape ladder you won’t have to jump. These ladders hook into your window and easily store away under a bed or a closet.

Fire escape ladders can save your family's lives if fire and smoke block the path to your lower level.

Finally, read up on fire safety tips:

FEMA page on fire extinguishers

Charlotte Fire Department’s fire and life safety education