At Blackhawk Hardware we are always on the look-out for products that help you entertain in style. Say fare-well to your rough, white plastic cooler! Hello SOVARO! Sleek black or silver coolers with an unexpected interior! No wonder we’re pretty excited to have a new line of coolers for your next night out with friends! SOVARO coolers are unlike any other coolers and come with an insulating layer of cork.

Cork?! Most definitely! Not only does the cork insulating layer look posh, but this eco-friendly insulation material also makes mother nature smile. The sustainable SOVARO cork is derived from the bark of Cork Oak trees in Portugal. Harvest time comes around once every nine years and happens without damaging the oaks!

Entertain in style with the Savaro Cooler

What’s more, cork is impermeable by liquid and gas and does not attract mildew or mold. An automotive-grade rubber gasket achieves a firm seal to keep your vino at that perfect temperature! The SOVARO’s cooling chamber is lined with a food-safe plastic layer to keep your canapés safe and cool. Thanks to the included divider, you can keep drinks and food separated. How convenient is that for gin tonics with cucumber slices?!

Perfect for any entertainment need you may have, SOVARO Coolers come in various sizes and set-ups. Various accessories like seamlessly-fitting containers and lids that double as cutting boards accentuate your outdoor entertaining experience. Be it a backyard soiree or a day on your yacht, SOVARO will be your cooling star! Come to Blackhawk Hardware and take at a look at them yourself!