Well, June is here and with it a hefty dose of tropical heat and moisture! Our lawn has enjoyed the mix of sunshine and rain and we have to mow quite frequently. Remember to avoid taking off more than 1/3 of the grass’s height! Read on for what else is on June’s gardening to-do list for Charlotte, NC!

Get your summer annuals in to adorn your planters and flowering beds. We carry gorgeous pre-arranged planters that are perfect for your Southern porch! If you have a vegetable garden, don’t forget about beautiful, beneficial companion plants like marigolds and nasturtium!

Marigold is a powrful companion plant.

Keep your plants thriving by watering adjusted to current weather conditions. Be extra careful to keep recommended soil moisture levels for your new plants like summer vegetables, annuals and perennials. A layer of mulch will help retain moisture. Definitely remember to water your containers at least every other day – shallower pots and boxes may need daily water.

Don’t let your busy growers topple over! Support your growing plants by staking them to trellises and stakes.

Check your flowers and pinch off spent blossoms. This will encourage growth of more buds for more of those colorful darling blossoms.

Thin vegetable seedlings as they continue to grow. They’d appreciate a cup of compost tea, too! Stake peppers, eggplants etc. to help them support their heavy fruit later. Speaking of fruit, enjoy harvesting your cool season vegetables!

Check for pests and diseases and treat them accordingly. Come chat with our Garden Center associates to find a cure for your plants’ ailments. And get to those nutrient-stealing weeds before they bloom and spread more seeds!

June gardening to do list for Charlotte, NC