It’s been hot hot hot here in the North Carolina Piedmont with temperatures well in the 90s on most days. Protect yourself from the heat and get your gardening done in the morning hours or after dinner. Well, you’ll want to do some of this month’s gardening before dinner as your ingredients will probably include some tasty ingredients from your vegetable garden. Here is your gardening to do list for July:


Depending on your planting dates and sunlight you should be or will soon be harvesting. Harvest frequently to encourage continued growth. Veggies and fruits will be juiciest if you pick them in the morning before the sun has had a chance to scorch them for the day.

You may want to look at our garden recipe collection on Pinterest for cooking inspiration. If you have more than enough to eat right away, give canning a try! Our store has everything you need!


Us gardeners appreciate a nice summer shower but usually they’re not enough to sustain our plants. During hot, sunny weeks you may find yourself watering daily. Small pots may even require two waterings a day. Be generous with trees and shrubs that you planted this year. Water deeply to encourage root growth. Set yourself a reminder in your phone to help your thirsty plants out.


Plant pumpkin seeds to harvest them in time for Halloween! Later in the month, start planning for your fall vegetable garden and start seeds indoors.


Stake tall flowers and vegetable plants so they don’t topple over and break their stalks!

Pinch off spent blooms to encourage new growth and more blossoms.

Clean up your yard after those fierce summer thunderstorms. Better yet, be proactive and trim dead branches before they fall unexpectedly. Who wants potential damage and injuries?! It’s also a good idea to check and clear your storm drains to make sure water can run off and decrease the chances of flooding.

Keep on top of those pesky weeds with regular weeding. Take care of pests as well! Visit our aisle of death for weed and pest solutions!