Grilled pork is one of our favorite meats. If you’ve passed it up in the past because of it perhaps having been bland or dry I encourage you to try grilling it on the Big Green Egg! This recipe makes a juicy and flavorful pork tenderloin that’ll be the star of your dinner or picnic! And fear not, this recipe is incredibly easy to make and perfect for any beginning griller.

You will need one pork tenderloin and your favorite pork or another of your favorite seasoning mixes. The tenderloins usually come in a pack of two when you buy them prepackaged at the supermarket. Use one and freeze the other or grill both at the same time for delicious left-overs!

Start by cleaning up your tenderloin and removing fat and membranes. Then rub a generous amount of seasoning on one side of the pork tenderloin. Allow the seasoning to congeal for a few minutes before seasoning the other side.

Set your Big Green Egg up for direct heat and preheat it to around 375F (this recipe is a big more forgiving so a few degrees higher or lower won’t be a big deal). When your Big Green Egg Grill is at temperature, position the pork tenderloin with the thickest part over the center of the fire.

Once your pork tenderloin is brown on one side – after about 10-15 minutes – flip it! Grill the meat until the internal temperature reaches 135-140F. After removing it from the Big Green Egg, allow the pork tenderloin to rest for 5 minutes under foil. Enjoy!

Recipe for pork tenderloin grilled on the Big Green Egg