Hello fall! Hello beautiful foliage! Uhm, hi there leaves on the ground… This year we’re hoping to make your life a little easier when it comes to fall yard work. Owner Andrew Wilkerson has shown us some of his favorite fall tools at Blackhawk Hardware.

Blackhawk Hardware store owner Andrew Wilkerson shows us his favorite gloves for working in the yard.

First of all – safety first – ¬†reduce splinters, calluses and scratches with a good pair of gardening and work gloves. Our assortment of gloves is nothing short of impressive and we’ve got a perfect pair for everyone, including your kids! How cute are these character gloves?! Yard work is definitely much more fun with Super Woman, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Co’s help!

Gardening gloves for kids

Of course we also have boat-loads of gloves for adults. Some of Andy’s favorites stand-out because of their special features. Deluxe Rose Pros are, as the name implies, ideal for working around roses and other thorny plants like hollies. Gauntlet sleeves made from 100% cow grain leather provide increased thorn protection and durability. Palms are made from 100% goatskin leather for increased dexterity and abrasion resistance.
Super soft gardening gloves with bamboo and reenforced palms will help keeping that manicure from looking like something.
The Showa Atlas 451 gloves with an insulated grip are Andy’s go to gloves for yard work. They make lifting heavy easier and keep your hands warm as temperatures drop outside.

Some of our favorite gloves for yard work

Now that your paws are protected, we’ll walk you over to our gardening tool aisle. Blackhawk Hardware carries a great assortment of rakes and other tools that will make this year’s fall yard work much easier.

Find the perfect rake at Blackhawk Hardware

Guys, the next tool that Andy showed me would have made my childhood so much easier! My grandmother had us collecting all the nuts from our walnut tree and it took (seemingly) forever. There was many a walnut! The Nut Gatherer is a marvelous invention for picking up nuts, acorns or those pesky ankle-twisting gum-balls (that I hate with a passion). Give it a whirl!

Gather nuts the easy way with this brilliant tool!

Finally, let’s deal with those leaves the easy way! Treat yourself to a Stihl battery powered leaf blower. It’s super light-weight at 7.3lbs (even less without the battery at 4.6lbs!) and starts instantly with a squeeze of the trigger. No more tedious pulling of that starter recoil rope or that nasty smell of gasoline! This guy is perfect year-round to clean up your drive way after mowing the lawn and well those leaves… Let’s try to enjoy them while they’re on the trees!

Make fall yard work easier with these gloves, rakes, and leaf blowers!