Looking out of the window I see that most trees in Charlotte still have loads of leaves on them. You know what that means for your November gardening to-do list… raking leaves! But what else is there to do in the yard this month?


In addition to clearing leaves, use this month to cut off dead twigs and blossoms and compost them or have the city of Charlotte collect them. Just bag the yard waste or set out yard waste cans at your regular trash day.


Don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs for a colorful greeting early next spring. We love love love alliums, tulips, daffodils, crocuses and then some. Get them into the ground or into containers (plant some pansies on top of the bulbs!).


November is a great month to divide existing perennials like hosta and iris. Dividing big clumps every few years will help keeping your plants healthy and beautiful. Some of the more aggressive growers can overcrowd neighboring plants so divide and replant or gift them to your neighbors and friends! Here’s an article that explains the process.

Indoor Gardening

If you haven’t brought your sensitive plants indoors yet, do so now. Frosty nights are becoming more frequent and your tropical plants will be grateful for warm shelter.

Visit our Garden Center to pick up a lovely amaryllis for a spectacular blossom later this year! As color fades outside, bring life into your home with a green potted plant. We pride ourselves in finding really neat plants that you won’t find at big box stores!