You’ve made it through the brunt of the year and there isn’t much left to do in your Carolina yards this time of year. All the better to have more time to focus on the holidays. Perhaps your outdoor to-do list includes putting up Christmas decoration to spread the holiday cheer. Come to Blackhawk Hardware and explore our wealth of holiday items for indoors and outdoors!


Depending on your trees and the weather you may have another round of leaf removal left to do. In other words, this is your last chance to gather leaves for your compost pile. If you only have a few left on your lawn, consider using your lawn mower to mulch the remaining leaves.

Tree Banding

December is a great time to protect your tree canopies from the canker worm. Band tree trunks with tanglefoot to stop the worms from climbing your trees and laying eggs. We have all the supplies you need to make tree banding easy! Learn more about tree banding.


The growing season isn't over! Sugarsnap peas are just one of many cold season vegetables that grow well in the Carolinas.

If you sowed cold weather vegetables like leafy greens, lettuce, carrots, peas and herbs you should check your beds for ripe produce. Carrots and beets can easily stay in the ground all winter. The cool temperatures are the perfect storage solution for them. Just dig them out as you need them!


Now is a great time to winterize your gardening tools and equipment. A little extra work now can protect your investment and extend your tools’ life span. Letting gasoline sit in lawn mowers and other power tools can lead to gunk build-up and huge disappointments come spring. Check your tools’ manuals for detailed instructions but in general you’ll want to remove all fuel, check the spark plug, and lubricate the cylinder with a tad of oil.

A slow gardening month is also perfect to organize your gardening shed. Check on your tools, sharpen any dull blades and tighten any loose screws and bolts.

Bird Feeders

Don't forget to feed the birds this winter!

Remember your feathered friends. As it gets colder and shrubs go dormant for the season, birds are having a tougher time finding food. Consider placing a bird feeder in your yard and fill it with appropriate bird food. Come chat with one of our friendly associates about the plethora of bird feeder options and find the right solution for your yard!