Walking around Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center this time of year is always a special treat! Everywhere you look, you’ll see aisles of blossoms and intriguing textures that are waiting to transform your Charlotte garden. Come in, spend some time looking at all our lovely plants, containers, garden art, fountains, bird baths, and SO much more. Take home your favorites and enjoy your beautiful Queen City garden!

Ground Cover Plants

Have some bare spots in your gardening beds and borders? Fill them with lovely ground covers! Not only do they suppress weed growth but they also add marvelous texture and luscious green to your landscaping. I am absolutely loving this Scotch and Irish Moss! Join me in chuckling at the Toe Ticklers label – I absolutely want to stick my toes into this lush green moss carpet!

Ground covering plants add color and texture to bare spots in beds and borders.


Whether you’re new to gardening or an expert, herbs should always be part of your plant collection! We’re really excited about fresh herbs in salad vinaigrette, pasta sauce, vegetable seasoning, etc! Pick up a few herbs for a planter full of flavor and health boosters! We currently have sage, dill, cilantro, parsley, lavender, rosemary – just to name a few!

Time for fresh herbs from your garden!

The Seasons First Tropicals

This spring has taken its time to make an appearance and so I’m even more ready for beautiful tropical and sub-tropical plants like Hibiskus,  Mandevilla, Dipladenia, Eugenia and pretty Ferns! Get them while they last!

Add tropical plants to your Charlotte garden!


Annuals are such fun plants to use in your planters and gardens! They make it easy to keep your designs fresh and there’s no need to divide or prune them. Annual flowers bring a rainbow of color to your yard. One species that I always include in my vegetable garden is Marigolds! Oh so pretty and a wonderful companion plant. As you can see, a sea of marigolds is available at Blackhawk Hardware right now!

A sea of marigolds is available at Blackhawk Hardware right now!

Complete Containers

Planters from Blackhawk Hardware

Our Garden Center team always enjoys creating stunning planters for you! Browse our ever-changing selection of beautiful planters that make great front porch pieces!

Please keep in mind that we constantly look for new and exciting plants so our assortment is always changing! One thing we do know: You won’t be disappointed!