Bird feeders are wonderful additions to any home’s yard and with the proper food are sure to attract many of the birds native to the Carolinas.
When selecting a bird feeder ask yourself where you would place the feeder and if there are special birds you would like to attract. Will you be hanging the food station from a tree branch or will you need a pole? At Blackhawk Hardware we are passionate about our feathered friends and have made it a point to have the best selection of bird feeders in the Charlotte area.

Now that your home includes a swanky new bird feeder you’ll have to deck the table for your neighborhood birds. Especially during cold winter months where many of the birds’ regular food sources are out of season or frozen, they will appreciate a tasty meal. What’s more, experts now even recommend feeding birds throughout the year as urbanization is taking a toll on their food sources.
Choose your bird feed specifically formulated for your feeder type and the birds you would like to attract. Cardinals, grosbeaks, chickadees, and buntings prefer a mix of black sunflower seeds while finches and siskins enjoy thistle seeds. Blackhawk Hardware has an exceptional selection of bird food varieties best for birds found around the North and South Carolina Piedmont.

Another popular bird food loving animal around town is the squirrel. These pesky critters enjoy the nuts and seed blends just as much as our feathered friends and would love to get a hold of the bounty. Smart folks at our bird feeder suppliers have figured out brilliant methods to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Contraptions that include weight-based shut-offs keep the climbers out of Squirrel Buster feeders. No no no Mr. Squirrel!

Attract beautiful birds to your yard with one of our many bird feeder options – the little birdies will thank you!