This time of year, homeowners are focused on aerating and dethatching their lawns and planting new shrubs, trees, and plants. Most gardeners will have standard tools in their garage or shed, but at Blackhawk Hardware, we offer some specialty tools that will make early spring lawn maintenance much easier. Lawn & Garden manager Wade is showing some of his favorite tools in today’s blog post. All Lawn & Garden associates will be able to help you find what you need so come visit us at Park Road Shopping Center any day!

For dethatching (aka “thatching”) our favorite tool is a steel bow rake. It scratches the soil surface to separate the thatch layer, so it can easily be pulled away from the lawn.

Steel bow rakes from Blackhawk Hardware

For raking the thatch away once it has been pulled up, we suggest using the adjustable rake with steel tines. This rake quickly and easily expands from a shrub rake to a full size leaf rake. If you’re only planning to own one rake, it should be this one.

Rake pulled thatch up with this awesome rake from Blackhawk Hardware!

Two very popular aeration tools are the step-on coring aerator and spiked shoes. Both are easy to use, and will allow water and nutrients to access grass roots. Our native red clay has a tendency to become compacted easily. Aeration is key to keeping a lush lawn.

Aerating tools to help you maintain a healthy lawn!

For loosening especially compacted soil in a lawn or garden bed, the Garden Weasel Claw makes light work of what can be a laborious gardening task.

Use the Weasel Garden Claw to loosen compacted soil.

Many homeowners will be planting perennials and ornamental grasses in their beds this spring. Our favorite shovel for cleanly cutting through red clay is a Drain Spade, also known as a “sharpshooter shovel”. This is also the best shovel we carry for planting shrubs in the fall. It goes straight through the clay, so you can easily lift the whole plug out.

Use this drain spade to cut right through clay soil when planting new plants.