Summer is in full swing and we invite you to take advantage of our nicely air-conditioned store at Park Road Shopping Center. Since AC alone will probably not be enough to lure you in, here’s a look at some of the incredibly awesome summer living articles we have in stock to transform your summer from great to incredibly awesome!


Yeti TANK Cooler

This cooler of all coolers will keep your beverages extra cool at your next backyard BBQ: The Yeti TANK!


Fishing Rod Grill Lighters

Bait Cast Fishing Pole

We’re casting our vote for these detailed fishing rod grill lighters. What a better way to put some heat under your catch of the day?


Best selection of citronella candles in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s Best Selection of Citronella Candles

Not only do these deter this season’s pesky biters but we actually carry such a large variety of citronella candles that you can pick just the one that adds good looks and not just mosquito protection.


Hanging chairs and gliders from Blackhawk Hardware

Hanging Chairs and Gliders

The ultimate pieces of outdoor furniture are our bad-ass hanging chairs. Your family will fight over lounging in them so consider the extra large model that fits them all!


Pawley's Island Hammocks from Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte

Parachute Hammocks

For lounging on the go, pick up your parachute hammock by Castaway Hammocks of Pawley Island, SC. These portable geniuses are easily hung between two trees and enhance your lazy summer day like few others!


NC beer and adventure maps can be bought at Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte and North Carolina Adventure, Beer, BBQ Maps

If you’re looking for some summer fun inspiration, these maps are just what the doctor ordered: amazing collections of our state’s hot spots for beer and BBQ as well as Charlotte’s funnest activities and eateries.