Whether or not you are a semi-pro carpenter or DIY novice, these tools are essential for any household. Check your tool box and pop in to Blackhawk Hardware to find a huge tool selection to fill in the gaps!


A hammer should be in any homeowner's toolbox

Everyone needs a hammer! Need to hang a picture? You need a hammer! Need to remove the nail in that wall because it wasn’t quite the right height or because the nail bent? Use the claw side of your hammer. We carry a wide selection of hammers in various sizes and materials like wood or fiberglass.

Screw Driver Set

Upgrade your screw driver set for better a grip, comfort and ease.

I don’t know a single person who has no need for screwdrivers. If you have children you’d better always have one on hand to replace their toys’ batteries and a lot of hardware can be tightened much easier with a screwdriver steadying the back. We all have a gimmicky screwdriver or two from whatever last promotion but a nice set can make all the difference for grip, comfort and ease. Definitely keep this one in mind for a great gift idea!


Pliers cannot be missing in any home!

A pair of pliers will go a long way in making your life easier! We’ve got sets and singles, adjustable pliers and locking pliers, big pliers and small pliers. Lots of hobby projects will require them so be sure to include them in your basic tool kit.

Tape Measure

Make sure you have a tape measure in your tool kit for exact length information

We have about four tape measures in our house. Mainly because my husband used to never put them back to their proper spot and I’d get annoyed and buy a new one. Do I need to list reasons for having a tape measure? Measure a wall to find perfect placements for art work. Measure your kids to see how they grow. Measure a door way to see if that new sofa will fit. We suggest you do that before you purchase that sofa! Measure mail when you calculate postage online. Not to mention, a plethora of DIY projects will require you to take some kind of measurements. To summarize: you can never have enough tape measures and if you want to really go out, treat yourself to a laser measure!


A level is an essential tool in any tool box

Even with today’s mobile apps, an old fashioned level is considered an essential item in a homeowner’s toolbox if you do any kind of installation of TV brackets, hang multiple pieces of wall art at the same height, etc.


Utility Knife

A utility knife should be part of any tool box

Utility knives are razor sharp and are oh so useful to remove packaging, cut wires, carpet, wallpaper and more. Most models of utility knives come with a replaceable and retractable blade or fold up to protect the blade. What’s more, these guys are great companions for outdoor activities as well.

Electric Drill

Cordless drill. Find out what other tools should be in an essential tool kit.

You may think a drill is only a nice to have tool but once you own one, you won’t ever want to be without one. Of course you’ll use your electric drill for drilling wholes and screwing screws in and out of walls and furniture. But its uses go beyond that and include mixing paint, decorating pumpkins, and, in a pinch, whipping cream! Choose between wired and cordless drills and don’t forget to get a pair of bits!

Our friendly associates in our tool department will gladly help you find tools that are the perfect fit for your life style!