Our Big Green Egg is our cooking equipment of choice when it comes to entertaining big or small crowds. This week we prepared a delicious prime rib that gathered loads of compliments from all around the dinner table. Wonderful for a festive occasion or Sunday supper! You can find the original recipe on the Big Green Egg website.

The night prior to when you are planning on eating your prime rib meal, salt the beef rib roast generously with salt on all sides. Then refrigerate the meat uncovered. The recipe warns that the roast may look as if it is drying but the salt actually forms a lovely salt crust that increases the moisture inside of the rib roast.

Two hours before you plan on cooking the prime rib on your Big Green Egg, remove it from the refrigerator to allow the meat to come to room temperature for more even cooking.

Now, generously season the rib roast with the rub of your choice (we used salt and pepper and Cavender’s Greek Seasoning).

EGGnite your Big Green Egg and set it up for indirect heat at 300F. Once at temperature, place the prime rib directly on the grate with the fat side facing up. Close the lid and cook the beef for 15-20 minutes per pound. When the rib roast has reached an internal temperature of 110F for rare, 120F for medium rare or 130F for medium doneness.

Making Prime Rib on the Big Green Egg

Tent the roast with aluminum foil and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. While the meat rests, convert the Big Green Egg to direct heat grilling. Carefully remove the grate and convEGGtor with grilling gloves and the Grid Gripper. Then replace the grid and bring the Big Green Egg’s dome temperature up to 500F.

Place the well-rested rib roast directly on the grid and allow it to sear for 90 seconds for a nice crust on the outside. Finally, remove the prime rib, slice against the grain and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Recipe for delicious prime rib cooked on the Big Green Egg