Fighting clutter is a constant battle at our house so I appreciate any help I can get. When an item has a place, my life gets so much better so needless to say I’m loving Blackhawk Hardware’s home organization solutions. Find them in the Houseware Department! But so many times an item doesn’t really have its own designated spot. That chipped vase that keeps being pushed from one counter to another to the top of a cabinet…. maybe its time has come to leave your home all together.


Clutter can weigh you down.

The longer you’ve lived in a home the more you seem to accumulate. Souvenirs and trinkets from vacations, white elephant gifts from your co-workers and the book club, the jeans that you may one day fit into again. I get it, they all mean something to you but when it amasses, STUFF can really weigh you down. So this spring tackle your belongings and give them a good once over. Personally, I prefer decluttering a room at a time and break the process down even further into a dresser, shelf, etc. at a time.

Look at everything and decide its fate: sell, donate, trash, or keep. Does it work? Do I love it? Do I need it? Is it unreplaceable? Otherwise get rid of it. Have you worn a piece of clothing within the past year? Unless it’s a special occasion piece, donate it or turn it into cash by selling it at a consignment store or through the classifieds.

Another room with huge declutter potential is your kitchen. Periodically take the time to look through your pantry, freezer, and spice rack and make plans to use items that are nearing their expiration date. Another potential clutter area almost every kitchen has is that catch-all-drawer. I mark a day in my planner to tackle that beast every quarter.


Once you’ve shuffled through your belongings, don’t let things get out of hand again and implement some organizational improvements. Come out to Park Road Shopping Center and take a stroll through Blackhawk Hardware’s houseware department. The shelves are filled with clever gadgets to help you organize your home. Stock is always changing so come on in to see the latest organizing innovations.

Group items together. Scarfs, gloves and hats can all go in one container. We’ve got baskets, bins, and totes. Stackable storage containers are a staple in an organized home.

Stackable plastic containers are a staple in an organized home.

Toys, magazines, craft supplies, or remote controls, these decorative baskets combine practicality with functionality. How cute would they look in a mud room?!

Storage baskets

These pretty storage baskets are perfect for make-up, toiletries, and other items in your bath. Or how about using them for cleaning products that you can easily carry into just the room you are cleaning?

Storage baskets help organize your home

Blackhawk has a wide array of kitchen organization solutions to help you make the most of limited cabinet space. They also make getting to your items much easier. No more sifting through a pile of wobbly stacked lids – just use a lid rack. This nifty guy also doubles as cutting board storage. Huzzah!Organize your lids with a lid rack!

While we have boatloads of more organizational tools like spice racks, wrap organizers, various shelf organizers, and so much more, the Crazy Susan turntable deserves a shout-out. Crazy Susan helps you find everything you need, perfect for spices and bottles of vinegar, and oil but also for things like vitamin supplements. Put it in your upper cabinet and stop worrying about reaching the items in the back!

Make sure you visit Blackhawk Hardware for our current and full selection of home organization items!

A Crazy Susan turntabke is great for organizing cupboards.