First I need to let you know that I have a financial interest in Blackhawk.  I have exposure to great many products and do a lot of the purchasing so I have a good bit of knowledge and experience with the products we sell.  I only recommend or review products that I have used or own.  I try to find new and useful things to review and talk about.  You should be aware that I am a gadget freak and usually  think that my truck runs better after I wash it.  You should to factor in that hopefully I will make a little  money if you buy something and I probably found the item, and have the prejudice of making the original purchase decision.  These are only estimates, your mileage may vary.

Breathe Clean Air Purification

I originally bought this product for my personal use a couple of years ago.  I waited to install it because I assumed it was going to be a pain to install and I over think and over engineer almost everything.  When I had to have a new air conditioner installed this summer,  I hunted around the basement ’til I found the unit.  I asked the guys who were installing the new air conditioner if they would install the Breath Clean.  My first surprise was the installer said it took him longer to read the instructions that it took to install the unit.

I read the instructions and decided to turn the fan on to run continuously.  The A/C guys confirmed that was a good idea since it would keep the air in the house mixed and would not create extra wear and tear on the fan since starting a motor is the hardest on it.

My wife was out of town so I decided to run a blind test and not tell her what I had done.  She has  sinus problems and normally wakes up stuffed up.  After the first night I woke up with clear sinuses and felt I had slept better (as you will note in the disclaimer I always think things work better), but wanted to reserve my judgment till she had tried it.

Her first morning back, I ask if her sinuses were stopped up, and she reported that they were good.  Since then she has had less problems and a change in humidity or barometric pressure usually explains any problems she does experience.  Overall I have found that I am sleeping sounder and my wife confirms that my snoring has decreased, so I feel the unit has worked well.   I like it because it is working continuously to clean and purify the air.  I have always felt that duct cleaning while effective would only be a temporary improvement,

I have been happy enough with the results that I have installed one at my parents house, given one to my sister & plan to put one on my in-laws heating system.  In the next few days I am going to put one on the heating system in our offices.  Since the duct work in the office is over fifty years old and the office has five women I am sure I will get a thorough  if not exhaustive appraisal of it’s performance.  Once  those results are in I will post them.  Stay tuned.

breathe clean air filter