With spring weather being here we’re excited to show off some of things we’ve come up with to make your shopping experience at Blackhawk’s Garden Center even more fun. We’ve been spring cleaning and have completely reorganized our stock. Now, finally, we have designated areas for all our items such as planters and garden statues.

Garden statues from Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte, NC

A huge area is now dedicated to planters to make a statement in your yard and a huge impact to your home’s curb appeal. Since most of our customers are looking for specific color tones to match their outdoor living spaces we have grouped our hundreds of different styles by colors.

Planters in all sorts of colors from Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte, NC

Many of you have continued to ask for large rectangular planters in contemporary styles and our shoppers have listened. We’ve not only sourced awesome looking rectangular planters but a whole collection of modern planters to match your contemporary or mid-century modern homes. What’s best, these beauties weigh a lot less than you’d think. Of course we’re ready to help you load them up into your car if you need assistance.

Modern, large rectangular planter from Blackhawk Hardware

New this year is also a designated area for fountains that we are continuously adding to. One of the best ways to add a little zen to your garden is a water element. Check out some of the amazing pieces we have – can’t find those at the big box stores!

Yard fountains from Blackhawk Hardware

Speaking of adding decorative elements to your yards, we have beautiful glass art and a plethora of spinners and are just unpacking a shipment full of fun Mexican metal yard animals including dogs, pigs and bunnies that are looking for loving homes!

Glass art at Blackhawk Hardware